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Equipment Maintenance: Furnace, Air Conditioner, and Humidifier

Service and Repairs: Furnace, Air Conditioner, and Humidifier

Equipment Replacement or Additions

Indoor Air Quality Installation and Service of the following: (Any Make or Model)
Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Zone Systems, Energy Recovery Ventilators, Air Cleaners (filtration systems), Fresh Air Systems, Total Home Balancing


Our goal is to prevent problems before they occur, so your equipment works when you need it…common sense. An inspection alone is not enough to insure your equipment’s reliability.

The following is just a brief description of how Efficient Energy Enterprises maintains your equipment. Our uniformed technicians will be at your house on time, equipped with the tools, testers, and knowledge to help your equipment run at its maximum efficiency and its greatest reliability.

Burners and Burner Crossovers - Clean burner heads, and crossovers with a wire brush and C0 2, adjust air shutters when necessary.
Blower Motor and Squirrel Cage - Clean debris off the motor, squirrel cage, and housing, and oil when necessary.
Hot Surface Igniters - Check ohm reading, advise customer if igniter is near failure.
Ignition Electrodes - Clean debris from the electrode, check the ceramic for cracks, check the spark, and wire connection.
Flame Sensors - Clean the sensor, check the ceramic for cracks, check the wire connection.
Combustion Chamber - Remove any debris or rust. Check for cracks and rust in the burner plate and combustion chamber.
Pilot - Clean pilot tube and orifice. Check for proper flame strength and adjust when necessary.

Electrical Connections - Check all electrical connections on all safeties, the main board, and the wire insulation. Make repairs where necessary.
Temperature Rise - Check the temperature rise on all stages to the manufactures recommendations.
Check For Gas Leaks
Flush Drain Lines and Traps - Flush drain line to the humidifier. Check the condition of all drain lines inside and out. Clean the units trap and check for any leaks.
3 Step Inspection of the Heat Exchanger - Using industry standards we will inspect your heat exchanger for cracks, if we find a crack, our technicians will show you exactly where it is.
Operation of the Furnace - Check all component’s and safety operation. Check for abnormal noise or smells.
Operation of the Thermostat - Check the thermostats calibration and operation. Check for level and make sure it is secured to the wall.
Intake Screen - Check and remove any debris (leaves and bugs).
Blower Belt (where necessary) - Check the alignment, condition and tension.
Blower Bearings - Check and oil or grease when necessary.
Cabinet Condition - Check for rust.
Look for excessive wear
Check Carbon Monoxide Levels in the Home
Filters - Remove and dispose of any dirty filters, install a new filter or media filter when necessary. Clean EAC cells and pre-filters and check the operation.
Turn on Humidifiers - Check the operation of the humidistat, solenoid, and the water valve. Clean the inlet screen and orifice. Change the humidifier pad and open the by-pass.
Check Furnace Safeties
Inducer Motor - Check and clean the cooling fan. Check the amp draw, oil when necessary, and check the operation.

Notify customers if problems exist, help the customer understand, and give an exact quote to repair the problem.

Flush Drain
Check Humidistat
Check Electrical Connections
Clean Drain Pan
Check Operation
Check Humidifier Pad

Wash the Condenser Coil (with power washer if necessary)
Flush the Condensate Drain Lines
Flush and Test the Condensate Pump (when necessary)
Flush Debris from the Bottom of the Unit
Oil the Condensing Fan Motor (when necessary)
Oil the Blower Motor (when necessary)
Check and Tighten the Electrical Connections in the Unit, and Service Disconnect
Turn off Humidifier and Close Bypass
Check Filters
Check the Temperature Drop Across the Evaporator
Check the Refrigerant Levels
Inspect the Fan Blades for Stress Cracks and or Damage
Check the Electrical Components for Wear
Inspect the Overall Condition of the Unit
Check Operation
Check Amp Draw
Remove and Clean the Blower Assembly if needed
Check the Blower Belt’s Tension, Condition, and Alignment

Notify customers if problems exist, help the customer understand, and give an exact quote to repair the problem.

Call to schedule an appointment: 248-437-5450

Automatic Scheduled Service Available

Maintenance Contracts Available


No matter what type of equipment you have that may need service, our technicians will diagnose the problem, explain what caused the problem, and give you a flat rate price to repair the problem. Nothing is done without your approval. Problems with equipment are typically symptoms of a root cause. We take care to look for what caused the problem, so future problems can be avoided. We are an advocate for you and your equipment.

When it does come time to purchase new equipment we will be happy to sit down with you to explain your options in whatever area your needs are in. We will listen to what your current issues are with your existing system, what needs are not being met with your existing system, and make a recommendation for which equipment will help to solve those issues. Our proposals will explain completely what type of equipment you are looking at with model numbers, material lists, and price. Our goal is to educate the customer so that it is easy to decide what equipment is right for you.

The types of accessories that will improve your indoor air quality and comfort are whole house Humidifiers, whole house Dehumidifiers, Zone System, Energy Recovery Ventilators, Air Cleaners, and Fresh Air Systems.

Too hot upstairs? Too cold in one bedroom? You don’t have to live this way. Many people believe that this is just the way the house is and nothing can be done to make a difference. What most people don’t realize, in most cases, these are symptoms of a home that is not balanced properly, and air distribution not operating efficiently. Whether your home is 20 years old or 3 years old, total home balancing is the best value and the most inexpensive way to make your home comfortable. We specialize in making your home comfortable in every season.


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